Affordable Available Healthcare:

Cindy believes that everyone should have access to affordable health care and that Medicaid expansion is needed to help bridge the gap for our most compromised citizens.

“Medicaid expansion would help thousands of people in our two counties have access to affordable health care. It will also bring diverse jobs for our citizens.” -CDP

Good Jobs and Job Opportunities:

Cindy believes that all citizens deserve good employment opportunities. Particularly in the current crisis, business investments should be geared to job creation in industries that are economically resilient.

“I will proactively bring together business, industry, government, and non-profits to develop jobs that provide decent wages so people are able to pay bills and have access to housing, healthcare, and education.” -CDP

Protecting our Environment:

Cindy will aggressively work on legislation that addresses climate change and focuses on better use of renewable energy for a clean energy economy.

“Many citizens of our district have shared with me stories of waste left behind by large corporations. They feel that people who earn less and have less influence in the community are more adversely affected by pollution. Our environment must be clean and safe for everyone!” -CDP

Fix Broken Government:

Cindy supports the new Independent Redistricting Commission that will end gerrymandering and stop politicians from any political party from picking their own voters.

“Government should be responsive to the people it serves and not to a political network. Corruption in our elections has been created by the very people that cry fraud. It is time for our citizens to regain their voice in elections.” -CDP

Great Public Schools: 

Cindy supports raising teacher pay to attract and retain our best teachers, restoring the NC Teaching Fellows Program, and supporting and funding Person County Community College and Granville County’s community college.

“Our children need to have the best and the brightest teaching them. In addition, we need to ensure that adults have a path forward to improve job opportunities through affordable, local education.” -CDP

Legalizing Cannabis: 

Legalization of cannabis would bring a vital job market and the revenue our counties need. 


NC District 2: Cindy Deporter (D) and Lawrence Yarborough (R) are running in the North Carolina House of Representatives District 2 general election.

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